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Employee Benefits

If you are just starting to offer benefits or are looking for a review of current offerings from an outside source we begin by having a discussion about your company demographics and culture which leads into what the goal is behind offering different benefits.

Your goal may simply be to offer competitive benefits relative to your industry for retention purposes or you may want to take care of your team the best you can regardless of competitors.

Once we understand the goals behind offering benefits, we will shop the market and meet to review our synthesized findings and recommendations. 

Upon final decisions of what will be offered, we begin the enrollment process. The enrollment process can be done online and paperless or in person with hard copies. Our goal is to make this process simple and concise rather than a burden.

We will enroll with carriers and help complete any paperwork related to new contracts. We will also provide a payroll report of any employee payroll deductions.

This is the annual process that begins 3-4 months before your renewal date for coverages. In addition to this process we will assist with plan documents you need to keep/have  - premium only plan (Sect. 125) for payroll deductions, ERISA wrap documents, etc.

Wealth Management

An initial meeting with as much information is ideal so we can understand your current financial state and have a conversation to understand what your goals and concerns may be moving forward. 

We will review insurance coverages to see if there may be potential liabilities that can be protected against. 

We will discuss how you feel about investment risk and how that relates to your future goals.

Investment risk tolerance is not a straightforward topic. A very wealthy person with relatively little income needs may choose to be risk averse (very conservative) even though they can afford to take on additional risk if they so desired.


Another person may need to take on additional risk in order to reach their goals. This dichotomy deserves a good conversation to truly understand where you may be on the overall risk aversion spectrum.

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